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To join BIH please call us on 07906 503566 or email us at


There are many great benefits to BIH Membership, including:

  • A listing on the public BIH website database. Practitioners who are qualified, experienced and insured to work with members of the public in ethical manner.
  • A monthly newsletter – helping to promote strategies for practice building.
  • A quarterly Journal – articles promoting practitioner skill development, updates regards the changes within the profession, book reviews,
  • Access to professional CPD courses – through the BIH members area on website.
  • Clearly designated career path for practitioner members through differing levels of membership status.
  • Eligibility to join the CNHC register of practitioner 'registrants'.
  • Concessionary insurance rates as a practitioner member.


  1. To adhere to the BIH Code of Ethics in all dealings with members of the public
  2. To be currently and adequately insured to work with members of the public
  3. To keep professional knowledge and skills up to date – CPD
  4. To take professional supervision where appropriate to membership status and/ or when working with the public.
  5. To be physically, emotionally, psychogically fit to practise with members of the public


The BIH Management team has the right to withdraw membership if:

  1. Annual fees are not paid on time and membership lapses.
  2. The minimum CPD requirement is not achieved in any 12 month period.
  3. You bring yourself, hypnotherapy or the BIH into disrepute by your actions.
  4. It is found that any statements or claims made by you in your membership application, or in your dealings with the public, are false.
  5. An official complaint made against you is upheld through due process of undergoing the BIH Complaints & Disciplinary process – and consequences determine that as a practitioner you be removed from the BIH Register. In the circumstances of being removed from the BIH register, the BIH has the right to notify other hypnotherapy registering organisations across the UK and notify the CNHC. The BIH also reserves the right to publish the name of any practitioner removed from it's register, on it's website for public protection/ awareness.
  6. Your membership of the CNHC is terminated for any reason.

Membership Plans

The following membership plans are available.

  • Associate Trainee - NO FEE (to qualification)
  • Licentiate (Newly qualified) - £75 p.a.
  • Fully Registered - £95 p.a.
  • Senior Practitioner - £110 p.a.

To join BIH please call us on 07906 503566 or email us at