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Finding a Suitable Practitioner

For those who want to improve their health and well-being, to enhance their personal growth or resolve a problem, the following information will help you.

A BIH Practitioner

  • WILL offer you access to his/her practise brochure giving open and transparent terms and conditions.
  • WILL offer you information that describes a professional profile, his/her qualifications and/or experience.
  • WILL demonstrate commitment to your care and well-being at the Consultation with you.
  • Some may offer a free consultation.

An Ethical Practitioner

  • Agrees to adhere to the BIH Code of Ethics & Best Practice, and makes this freely available to those enquiring.
  • Lets their clients know that the BIH actively operates a complaints procedure for their reassurance.
  • Will always have professional indemnity and public liability insurance displayed in their office or place of work.
  • Download ourĀ Code of Ethics, Conduct & Best Practice.
  • Download our BIH Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure