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Manchester Centre of Excellence

The Hypnotherapy Diploma to practitioner status, is designed for people wishing to either start a new career and become professional hypnotherapists or add to skills in an already existing career structure.  It is also suitable for the complete beginner, or the psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor or therapist.   NLP practitioners or Life-coaches can also look to add hypnotherapy to their existing skill set via this course.

When you sign up for this Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, you will receive a totally professional training experience with lead trainer Jimmy Petruzzi.  Jimmy's professional experiences are wide ranging and include business, sport, health and personal development applications, so he can help you apply these too to suit your circumstance or situation.

Jimmy presents this course over a series of weekends or blocks during the week (4 blocks of four days one block of 2 and a block of 6).  Total numbers of training days is 24 in total, presented over a minimum 11months.  This gives candidates time to gain competent and ethical skills together with the knowledge which is essential in preparation for working as a professional hypnotherapist.

Teaching Methods: include practical classroom work; demonstration, video examples, case studies, together with structured guided learning for development outside classroom, support with early learning and supervision.

The course content is presented in module format, designed to give candidates both a deep and broad understanding of the key skills and techniques of hypnotherapy.  Candidates on the course will be able to use these immediately in therapy, business, coaching, sport, education, health, or simply for your personal life, and/or complement existing skills or embark on a new career.

Why attend this Hypnotherapy Diploma to Practitioner course with us?

Because you’ll be sure of receiving a recognised hypnotherapy training diploma course that meets the highest professional standards.  Jimmy ensures that your learning experience is effective and enjoyable with hands-on experience of these some very powerful techniques.


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