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Newlands Personal Development

NPD offers a Diploma hypnotherapy course that lead you to practitioner status and ultimately a new and exciting career as a Hypnotherapist.  

The aim of the course offered by NPD is to provide students with a deep understanding of the knowledge and the necessary skills as well as the practical experience required to become a professional Hypnotherapist. You will learn how to work with clients and develop a professional practice that will enable you to work with some of the key issues that Hypnotherapists specialise in today; such as weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, phobia’s & confidence. The course also blends the best practices of Hypnotherapy, NLP and the emerging field of Generative Trance & Generative Coaching.

Delivered in 4 parts over 23 days, and presented over a minimum of 8 Months we use a variety of learning methods, including case studies, practical demonstration’s, specialist speakers and classroom studies as well as extensive reading material and an optional e-learning platform which can be used to support your studies. Each part of the course is designed to give you the student a broad understanding of the key skills and a variety of techniques used in hypnotherapy today.

Our course is structured to support the student with personal mentoring/supervision, coaching & support to provided over and above the classroom-based learning. This all means that you the student, will be able to implement your new skills quickly into any existing therapy practice, coaching practice or for your own personal change/development, as well as embarking on a new career as a Hypnotherapist.

Newlands Personal Development is based in Edinburgh, Scotland’s Capital City, the course is delivered in the heart of the city centre at Hudson House, 8 Albany Place, Edinburgh EH1 3QB, easily accessible for all major bus, train and airport links in and out of the city.

For more information please contact – Avril Gill

Tel: 0131 473 1599