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SFTA Hypnotherapy Training Academy

The SFTA Clinical Hypnotherapy Training is tailored for those aspiring to practice Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. The curriculum and teaching methods emphasise the practical application of hypnosis. The comprehensive six-month course consists of eight modules. This is a total of over 120 hours of classroom training and home study components. The modules are conducted on weekends, with some courses running on weekdays. Two online modules are delivered on Zoom, which is essential for mastering online therapy delivery.

Our in-person syllabus is exclusive to SFTA and covers Solution Focused Brief Therapy, CBT, NLP, Neuroscience, Pain Management, Hypnoesitherapy, SF Walking Therapy, Mindful Hypnosis, Defusion Techniques, Business and Marketing Development.

After successfully completing the course and home study, graduates will receive the Solution Focused Academy Hypnotherapy Diploma (SFHD) and the Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD), which is accredited by the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the Northern College of Further Education (NCFE). Qualifiers are also eligible for practitioner membership status with the British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP Ltd (BIH).

Interactive teaching methods include live demonstrations and in-class practice guided by experienced lecturers. Our supportive community empowers students, helping them establish thriving private practices. We care about our students, and as they progress through the course, they will receive their own self-hypnosis tracks to help them with confidence, stress, and sleep. Each student receives a Hypnophix Trance State Indicator, a powerful tool comprising an EEG Brainwave handset and a user-friendly Android app, which are included in the course fee.

Following completion of Module 3, students begin working directly with real clients. This hands-on practice enables them to experience different client personalities, behaviours, and issues, offering invaluable practical knowledge. Engaging with clients in the real world develops the student's confidence.

Graduates will have access to the HIVE intranet. It will feature a wide range of booster training videos that showcase techniques and protocols. Additionally, students will have access to a series of music tracks, the latest research, language patterns and scripts. It will also provide a forum for students to engage in discussions. The HIVE will contain marketing videos, advice, podcasts, and blogs. Students will also have access to facilities for logo and website creation. Case studies and eBooks will be available for revision.

We welcome passionate individuals regardless of academic qualifications or prior knowledge in hypnotherapy, psychology, or psychotherapy. Admissions are open biannually in April and October, with specific start dates available on our website,

Our mission is to educate and inspire practitioners through innovative and ethically grounded training. This ensures graduates practice with integrity, empathy, and respect for their clients' well-being.


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Solution Focused Training Academy

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