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You’re Back In The Room!

You’re Back In The Room!

The British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP wants to reassure the public that they condemn the use of hypnosis used in the recently aired ITV programme entitled “You’re Back In The Room” featuring stage hypnotist Keith Barry and presenter Philip Schofield.

To clarify, the B.I.H is an organisation that registers professional hypnotherapists who are competent and ethical in their work with the public. Registered practitioners meet stringent standards required to secure membership, this includes standards of training to practitioner status, appropriate and relevant insurance to work with the public and annual CPD all monitored upon annual renewal.

Registered B.I.H hypnotherapists, work with the best interests of their clients first and foremost and as such they bring the public a choice of alternative healthcare. In many instances, they provide an effective means of resolving health, social, and work issues for the individual, couple, family and/or group.

They conduct themselves in a way that does not bring their work or their profession into disrepute. They use best practise and as members adhere to the BIH Code of Ethics. They are accountable to their public, who have recourse through the BIH complaints and disciplinary procedures if and when necessary.  

The B.I.H does not register stage hypnotists or anyone who uses hypnosis for entertainment.


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